A step-by-step guide to the Academic Integrity Online Tutorial

Requirements for Completion of AIOT

Step 1: Go through the “Academic Integrity Online Tutorial” carefully

Step 2: Complete the “Post-tutorial Quiz” with 80% or higher score

Step 3: Make a “Declaration”

If you fail to complete the above three steps before the end of your 2nd semester, you may be barred from accessing to course grades, or enrolling for courses.

Please refer to the deadline specified in your University Life Programme Attendance Record in BUniport.


1. Login to Moodle

Please go to http://buelearning.hkbu.edu.hk and login with your SSOid and Password.

2. Go to your AIOT courseroom

In Moodle, go to the “My Courses” section and choose your AIOT course

3. After entering the courseroom, please read the instruction carefully and complete the 3 steps below.

The Declaration (Step 3) will only be available after your Post-tutorial Quiz (Step 2) has attained 80% or higher score.

4. Check your AIOT record after making your Declaration

Go to BUniport > Studies > My Studies > Study Progression > University Life Attendance Checking

Learn more about academic integrity in an interactive way! Use the latest mobile and augmented reality technology to experinece Trails of Integrity and Ethics.

To arrange a session, please contact buelearn@hkbu.edu.hk or visit https://arlearn.hkbu.edu.hk for more information.



Enquiries for AIOT

Technical Problems in Moodle, Content of AIOT:
Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (Tel: 3411-5348; Email: buelearn@hkbu.edu.hk)

Registration and University Regulations:
Academic Registry (Tel: 3411-7847; Email: ar@hkbu.edu.hk)