About 200 HKBU students will design high-impact learning activities about HEALTHY LIFESTYLE in teams under the supervision of teachers in their respective academic departments. They will then deliver their learning activities to 16 local secondary schools, covering about 1700 secondary students, in between March and May 2019.

Healthy Lifestyle

THE HEALTHY LIFESTYLE in this project exclusively spearheads the way of living that balances the six pillars of a healthy brain/healthy heart:

Physical Exercise
Enhancement of learning, mood, and memory through regular exercise

Food & Nutrition /Environment
Maintaining environmental sustainability through careful consumption of food

Positive Values
Setting goals that guide decision making and express personality

Sleep & Relaxation
Enhancement of learning, mood, and memory through quality rest

Mental Fitness
Development of logical, intellectual and creative mind

Social interaction
Development of self-respect, self-esteem, friendships, and relationships