Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Ongoing Projects (AY2016-2019):

Learning Communities Journal (Special Issue)

Online Version: Learning Communities Journal, Volume 8, Number 2 (2016)

  • The Community of Practice Initiative at Hong Kong Baptist University: A Message From the EditorsWong, E. & Cox, M. D.
  • Establishing Communities of Practice to Enhance Teaching and Learning: The Case at Hong Kong Baptist UniversityWong, E., Cox, M. D., Kwong, T., Fung, R., Lau, P., Sivan, A. & Tam, V. C.
  • Networked Learning Communities: A Perspective Arising From a Multidisciplinary Community of Practice on Student EporfoliosChaudhuri, T. & Yin, C.W.
  • Designing and Implementing a Two-Level Community of Practice Project to Develop a Teaching Portfolio Framework Sivan, A., Tam, V. C., Hu, A., Chan, D. W., Leung, A. Y., Chaudhuri, T., Chow, B. C., Hung, S. S., Kim, L. E., Mah, D. N., Shroff, R. H., & Wong, O. M. H.
  • Using a Community of Practice to Enhance Undergraduate Students’ Graduate Attributes Through Problem-Based Learning Cheung, S. Y., Yue, K. K. M., Kwong, T., Lau, P., Ng, A., Lo, Y., Yung, K. K. L., Chu, C., Siu, N. Y. M., Choi, P. H. N., & Ng, M.
  • A Community of Practice to Assess Students’ Teamwork Skills in a Team-Based Learning SettingLau, P. & Kwong, T.
  • The Impact of Peer Tutoring in a University Language Classroom
    Ng, A. & Lau, P.   
  • A CoP Project Enhancing Student Learning Through a Holistic Mentoring Program in the Sciences Mak, K. K. W., Chan, W. H., Lai, K. M., Wong, K. C. K., & Lau, P.
  • Service Learning for Whole Person Education in Chinese Medicine Developed by a Community of Practice Zhang, H. Q., Cheung, C. H., Tu, F., Huang, F. L., O, L., Song, L., Xu, G., Law, H., Chong, K., & Yue, K. K. M.
  • Assessing the Effect of Communities of Practice in Higher Education: The Case at Hong Kong Baptist University Kwong, T., Cox, M. D., Chong, K., Nie, S., & Wong, E.

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