MCCP7010 – Teaching University Students


About the course

The course aims to prepare research postgraduate students to undertake a role in teaching undergraduate students. It provides an introduction to the basic theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to begin teaching at university. 

This course is one of the credit-bearing courses (contains 1 credit) in the Mandatory Common Core Programme (MCCP) for research postgraduate students and is facilitated by the Centre of Holistic Teaching and Learning. For more information about MCCP, please visit the Graduate School webpage.


Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Describe the context for learning and teaching at university.
  2. Explain the importance of promoting a culture of academic integrity at university.
  3. Apply outcomes-based teaching and learning concept and classroom management techniques to the preparation of teaching.
  4. Deliver high quality teaching and learning activities.
  5. Reflect on their teaching and learning.


Course Content

  • The context for learning at university and learning theories
  • Concept of Outcomes-based Teaching and Learning (OBTL), constructive alignment and assessment
  • Rubrics development and grading with rubrics
  • Classroom management and presentation/communication skills
  • Academic integrity and ethics
  • Reflective Portfolio as a teaching and learning tool


Major Assessment Methods

  • Preparation, Participation and Discussion (30%)
  • Assessed Team Teaching and Learning Activities (50%)
  • Reflection on Teaching and Learning (20%)