Outcomes-Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) Resources at CHTL, HKBU

At CHTL, we are focused on working with academic colleagues to adopt the ethos of OBTL at HKBU. To facilitate this, we have compiled the following resources for common use and reference:

HKBU Programme Mapping Matrix

Recommended OBTL PILOs – Course Mapping Matrix.

HKBU OBTL Course Syllabus Template

Recommended OBTL Course Syllabus Checklist. This is recommended for use by academic colleagues to check their respective Course Syllabus for OBTL readiness.

Suggested OBTL Course Syllabus Template. This is a suggested Course Syllabus Template for any courses that wish to adopt a new OBTL oriented format.

HKBU OBTL Course Syllabus Template (blank)

This “blank” OBTL Course Syllabus Template is same as the one above. The only exception is that the examples and explanatory notes have been removed so that it does not contain as much details. It is clearer for immediate adoption.

Examples of HKBU OBTL Course Syllabus

Faculty of Arts (ARTS)

Language Centre

LANG 7640 (Grammar of Modern English)
LANG 2220 (English through Current Events)

School of Business (BUSD)

Department of Accountancy and Law

ACCT 1210 (Principles of Accounting I)

School of Chinese Medicine (CMED)

CMED 2140 (Acupuncture – Basic Theories)
CMED 2150 (Acupuncture – Laboratory)

Faculty of Science (SCI)

Department of Mathematics

SCI 3710 (Digital Image Analysis)

OBTL Development Framework for HKBU

OBTL Development Framework for HKB