Student Learning Experience Questionnaires (SLEQ)


The Student Learning Experience Questionnaires (SLEQ) have been put in place at HKBU since AY2017/18 with a view to soliciting views and comments from students on their expectations and actual experiences while they were at our University.  

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Data collection for the SLEQ is an ongoing process which monitors the difference between the expectation and actual experience of our students, so that the University can adjust and improve its teaching and learning practices and environment continuously based on evidence. The primary goal of SLEQ is therefore to ascertain that our students are having a high quality collegiate life at HKBU. This is crucial for them to learn effectively and grow as a responsible global citizen for our society. To help us understand students’ experience on their degree study, university life and development towards their attainment of the 7 HKBU Graduate Attributes (GAs), the SLEQ is normally conducted at fixed intervals throughout the course of their studies at HKBU. Below is a holistic picture of timeline of University Academic Profile (UAP) and Outcomes Assessment described in a related sections, and SLEQ for a cohort of students:

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What students stand to gain

After completing each SLEQ, students will receive their own individual report on their learning progress compared to their previous one as well as against the progress of their peers.

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Why it matters

Student responses in the SLEQ provide important data for the University to improve its teaching and learning initiatives. Timely support could also be rendered to students if necessary.

Similar to other aggregated results gained from the University Academic Profile (UAP) and Outcomes Assessment (OA), results of the SLEQ are also reported to several committees of the University and being used as quality assurance instruments. As the data/evidence accumulate, triangulation of the results will become feasible to provide further evidence on students’ achievements of the HKBU GAs and their progress towards Whole Person Education.

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