Funding Priorities

The current focus in order of funding priority includes the followings:

  1. the development of practices that can help facilitate the University to address the issues as set out in our long term vision for teaching and learning – Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028;
  2. the design of practices that can further assist our students to achieve the HKBU Graduate attributes;
  3. the development of new pedagogical or teaching approach(es), with special emphasis on internationalisation and service learning;
  4. the design of learning and teaching processes and evaluation mechanism that would assist in the implementation of outcomes-based learning;
  5. worthwhile initiatives resulting from previous UGC funding schemes, such as the Funding Scheme for Teaching and Learning Related Proposals and the Collaborative Language Enhancement Projects;
  6. the monitoring of students’ learning effectiveness to enhance programme delivery;
  7. new and/or experimental approaches to syllabus design for learning and teaching enhancement;
  8. the design of student assessment framework and the use of assessment results to enhance learning and teaching;
  9. the design of courses or delivery methods in which there are new initiatives to encourage student participation in the teaching/learning process;
  10. the incorporation of educational technology into classroom, laboratory, studio, and/or fieldwork learning experiences for students;
  11. the development of other new and innovative materials for use in teaching; and
  12. other possibilities or new initiatives.

TDG must NOT be used to fund research activities. However, some measures of didactic processes and outcomes measurement based on experimental teaching may be included. Should such activities involve the use of humans (such as students) as subjects, please consult the Senate approved Policy on Responsible Conduct of Research or the Research Ethics Committee via the Graduate School prior to the submission of application (

Eligibility for TDG Support

TDG is an ear-marked grant from the UGC, hence all initiatives included in TDG proposals must target UGC-funded students as priority beneficiaries. In this regard, only full-time academic, teaching and teaching-support staff who have UGC-funded students within their proposals can be project investigators responsible to hold the budgets for approved TDG projects. TDG fund should not be used to support direct costs of student activities, e.g. expenses to attend events, prizes or incentives, for non UGC-funded students.