UGC’s Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning

To encourage wider adoption of virtual teaching and learning (VTL) and to sustain strategic development of VTL for longer-term, the UGC and the Quality Assurance Council introduced in 2021 a Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning.

The overall objective of the Special Grant is to steer and support the strategic move towards more intensive and systematic adoption of VTL in the medium to long run by the entire UGC sector.

The Special Grant is comprised of two portions – (i) a portion for institutional initiatives and (ii) project proposals for inter-institutional collaborative activities (IICAs). A list of initiatives and projects supported at HKBU is summarised as follows:

Institutional VTL Initiatives

Broad Category: Governance Frameworks, Assessment Methods, Quality Assurance Systems and Professional Best Practices of VTL
Title of InitiativeImplementation Party
1.A Brief Proposal on the Ethics of Privacy Issues in Virtual Teaching and Learning Dr Benedict CHAN (REL)
2.Making Virtual Learning Real in Translation Technology and Beyond Prof Mark SHUTTLEWORTH (TIIS)
3.Exploration of Strategies, Assessment Methods, and Platforms to Prevent Plagiarism in Online ExaminationsMATH
4.Accelerating Student Success and Performance in a Sustainable VTL Environment through Effective Quality AssuranceCHTL
5.The Rise of Technology-Enhanced Formative Assessment for Effective VTLCHTL

Broad Category: Enrichment of the Overall Educational Experience of Virtual Learning
Title of InitiativeImplementation Party
6.‘Virtual Board’: Hybrid Delivery and Display for Enhanced Teaching and LearningDr Angela HE (ENG)
7.Digital Humanities ChannelDr Daisy TAM (HMW)
8.Enhancing International Students’ Online Learning Experience and Virtual ExchangeProf Kwai Cheung LO (HMW)
9.Development of Hong Kong Virtual Stock Exchange GameACLW & ITO
10.Development of Virtual Field Trip Teaching Package for Biology Undergraduate StudentsDr Patrick YUE (BIOL)
11.Enhancement of Students’ Practical Skills in Organic Chemistry and Analytical Sciences using Online Learning PlatformDr Koon Sing HO (CHEM)
Dr Chi Sing LEE (CHEM)
12.Interactive Intelligent Computer Virtual LabCOMP
13.Development of an Online Virtual Learning Platform for Chinese Medicine StudentsCMTR
14.Development of Online Virtual Learning Platform of Authentication of Chinese Materia Medica (CMM) for Bachelor of Pharmacy in Chinese Medicine Students: Taxonomic, Macroscopic, Microscopic, Physical and Chemical ApproachesSCM
15.VTL Pedagogical Development for Interfacing Student Learning and Social RealitiesProf Daniel LAI (SOSC)
Prof Sandy LI (SOSC)

Broad Category: New Strategies, Pedagogies, Platforms and Facilities in Pursuit of Longer-term Visions on VTL
  Title of InitiativeImplementation Party
16.Pilot Scheme for Developing Audio-Based Teaching and LearningDr Yiu Fai CHOW (HMW)
17.Developing an Online Learning Platform for Annotating Model Texts and Giving Feedback to Student WritingDr Simon WANG (LC)
18.The Implementation of a Flipped Classroom in the Putonghua Core Course: LANG1026 Practical PutonghuaLC
19.Virtual Teaching and Learning for Interpreter Training and BeyondTIIS
20.Global Distributed New Music Workshop SeriesMUS
21.Building the Capacity of Research-Informed Teaching and Learning in the Virtual T&L ContextProf Kara CHAN (COMD)
Prof Gina LAI (SOC)
Prof Noel SIU (MKT)
22.Cases in Chinese Internet Studies (CICIS)Prof Steve GUO (JOUR)
Dr Vincent HUANG (COMS)
Dr Angela WANG (JOUR)
23.Zoom Vision Switcher System for Online and Hybrid Class DeliveryDr Robert ELLIS-GEIGER (AF)
24.Virtual Learning, Real Education (VLRE)Dr Regina CHEN (COMS)
Dr Vincent HUANG (COMS)
25.Videolization and Visualization of Teaching Materials to Enhance Online Teaching and Learning of Skill-Based Contents and Facilitate Staff Development of Hong Kong Baptist UniversityMs Bonnie CHIU (COMD)
Mr Dean COX (COMD)
26.Digital Archive of Exemplary Student Works from the Department of Communication StudiesMr Henry FUNG (COMD)
Ms Jessie KO (COMD)
27.Location Agnostic Teaching and Learning Eco System for the Creative ArtsAVA
28.Virtual Computer Lab for VTLITO

Broad Category: Integration of VTL into Scenarios such as Practicum and On-site Training
Title of InitiativeImplementation Party
29.An Experimental Platform with Mobile Devices and Smart Sensors for Scientific Experiments and Smart CityPHYS
30. Integrating Service-Learning and VTL Technologies: A Collaborative Project with Teachers and Community PartnersCISL
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Inter-institutional Collaborative Activities

Project TitleLead UniversityHKBU’s Project LeaderPartners
1.Advancing the Learning and Teaching of Academic Integrity and Ethics through Augmented Reality Learning Trails for VTLHKBUDr Theresa KWONG (CHTL)EdUHK, CUHK, PolyU and UIC
2.AI-assisted Virtual Presentation Skills TrainingPolyUMs Vicky MAN (LC)HKBU, CityU
3.VTL Support on KEEP VISUAL FrameworkCUHKDr Gray HO (CHEM)
Dr Jean LAI (COMP)
4.Using Learning Analytics of Course Learners in the Moodle Learning Management System for Informed Decisions of TeachersEdUHKCHTLHKBU
5.Establishing Effective Virtual Teaching Strategies to Support Learning beyond the ClassroomCUHKCHTLHKBU, CityU, HKUST
6.“Keep the conversation going!” – Providing Efficient Feedback and Communication Approaches between Students and Teachers in-class, Out-of-class and Virtual LearningHKUCHTLHKBU
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