Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival

(Sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation)


The Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning at Hong Kong Baptist University, and the Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association co-organise the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival on an annual basis to raise students’ awareness of current social/cultural issues and develop their creativity and teamwork skills through drama performance. Started in 2011, this large-scale drama event is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, promoting ‘Drama in Education’ at all education levels, from primary to tertiary.

Entries to the Festival are accepted in teams. The first challenge for each team is the preparation of a 4-min* drama on a given topic within the time limit of 15 minutes. The teams have to think out-of- the-box as they are required to make use of a set of provided props (e.g. chairs, table, stick, etc.) for their drama. This requirement truly challenges their creativity and imagination.

The category “Tertiary Institution/Open” allows tertiary students to team up with different participants, such as alumni or amateurs. The top three winning teams of this category will receive a cash prize of HKD 2,500, HKD 2,000 and HKD 1,500 respectively. Tertiary students could register the Festival for free.

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The past CDF events can be found at this website.
* 4-min for university students; 3-min for secondary students; and 2-min for primary students.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of the festival, participants will be able to:

  1. Systematically organise and prepare for a drama performance. (GAs: Skills)
  2. Effectively communicate and work with teammates during the performance and preparation. (GAs: Teamwork)
  3. Promote the awareness of current social/cultural issues# to general public through drama performances. (GAs: Citizenship)

# Annual theme of the festival is subjected to change according to the current social/cultural issues in Hong Kong.

Publications and News Releases

Executive Committee

Dr Theresa KWONG
Assistant Director, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning
Dr Tak Shun TSIN
Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Creative Educator Organization
Dr Mei Yee SETO
Chairperson of the Board of Directors, Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association
Dr Lai Ping WONG
Chairperson of Executive Committee, Hong Kong Teachers Drama Association
Dr Peter LAU
Lecturer, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, The University of Hong Kong
Ms Alice YIP
Secretary, Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning


Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning


Hong Kong Creative Educators Organization



  • CCL recognized
  • The groups deliver excellent performances will receive certificates of “Merit Award”, “Outstanding Award” or “Honors Award”. Selected groups will be invited to showcase in the Hong Kong Creative Drama Festival Ceremony.