Speaker – Dr. Albert CHAU

Dr. Albert CHAU
Vice-President (Teaching and Learning), Hong Kong Baptist University

Aspirations and Challenges in the Use of Technology in Liberal Arts Education: The Case of Hong Kong Baptist University

Whole Person Education (WPE) is the ethos and focus of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) since its establishment in 1956. In our recently published Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP) 2018-2028, HKBU endeavours to deliver academic excellence in a caring, creative, and global culture. We are committed to nurturing students to become leaders who can help solve problems for and with society. In the ISP, our first priority is best student experience which consists of four key components: cross-cultural learning experiences, innovative pedagogy and curriculum to foster creativity and cosmopolitan outlook, enhanced service and experiential learning opportunities and inclusive admission policy for diversity. This presentation will outline HKBU’s plans to use technology to achieve best student learning experience such as building an effective enabling platform, enhancing our students’ ability to use technology to solve problems and create, inter-institutional collaboration in teaching and learning, staff development, student assessment and documentation of student learning. We will also discuss the puzzles and challenges that we are being confronted with.

Dr. Albert Chau is Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU). He is responsible for the University’s teaching and learning activities including development of curriculum and academic programmes, quality assurance, innovative and diverse pedagogies such as experiential learning and e-Learning, student recruitment and placement, and globalisation of teaching and learning.
Dr Chau received his BSc in Industrial Engineering at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and MSc and PhD in psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. Prior to HKBU, he taught at the Department of Psychology and served was Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of General Education and Dean of Student Affairs at HKU.