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You can go to edit setting of the assignments > Feedback types and check “Feedback files”. Then, please go to “Assignment” > “View all submission” > Click the “grade” button next to the students and you will be able to upload the documents.

To upload a list of grades, please select "excel spreadsheet" in Export option from the dropdown list. Copy the grade to this excel spreadsheet. Go to dropdown list again and select import and upload the excel file with grade and comment. However, please be informed that it does not work with Word files.

First, you need to turn editing on. Please click “edit” and select “editing setting” next to the assignment you would like to amend.

To change the due date, please change it under "Availability". Please note that the "Post date" refers to the date when the grades will be released to the students. To change the rubric selected, please go to "Grademark options" > pull down menu and find out the rubric you have imported.

You can see a blue highlighted button named "Grade" after selecting the assignment. Click it and you can enter the scores. You can also type in your comments on the “Grade” page.

To download a list of marks from Moodle:

1. Click the "Grade" in the Moodle course page.
2. Select Excel spreadsheet under Export in the drop-down menu.
3. Click "Download".

Please be informed that there is no such function to download a list of similarity percentages for Turnitin.

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Moodle Quiz

Please find the help guide about "Create a Quiz" here:


Please be assured that the system could accommodate up to 10,000 students at a time, according to a test by ITO colleagues.

No, you have to go to the “review options” in Moodle Quiz setting and manually release the grades.

Yes, you can import your question(s) in one file. Please refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLPVsqJYjzk

Please note that this method only works with MCQ.

Students will be logged out automatically after 60 minutes without any activity.

Therefore, if you are setting up a quiz, you are advised to separate the questions to different pages. The answers will be saved when the student press “Next page” and the system would not regard them as inactive. Having an essay-type question is not recommended as well.

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The function is in the course page > “edit” > “edit setting” > under “originality report” category. You may change the sources by clicking on "similarity" > "All sources" and exclude the irrelevant ones.

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