Please refer to the following guides:
For new Window users:
For new Mac users:
For colleagues who have Zoom basic accounts:

Please note that students/participants are not required to have a Zoom account to join the meetings, and that the service is available to everyone with the university email address.

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There is no limitation on the length of the meeting if the host, who set up the meeting, used the HKBU Zoom account. It can support a maximum of 300 participants in each meeting.

The participants would need your approval before joining the meeting.

For more details, please refer to the following guide: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115000332726-Waiting-Room

Please be informed that the waiting room function is not recommended for classes since the teacher have to let the students enter manually. To increase the level of security, you are recommended to use the Zoom plugin in Moodle to ensure only your students would have the meeting ID (and password).

Please click the participant List and select the user, click “More” > “Become host”

If other students are allowed to view the presentation, you can open up a Zoom class as usual and ask one of the presenting students to share their screen and present it. Please enable this function for students by click the icon "Security" and check "Share Screen" for allowing participants to share their screen.

If not, you may schedule a meeting and ask the groups to join the meeting in a different time period. You may also use the function “Breakout Room”. More detail can be found in https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206476093-Getting-Started-with-Breakout-Rooms.

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Meeting logs

Only the Host and co-host can record by default. For the recording, you need to enable "Record the meeting automatically" and select storge "On the local computer" or "In the cloud" when you schedule a new meeting. OR press "Record" button during the meeting. There are two modes: offline mode and cloud mode.

For offline mode (On the local computer), it will create a folder with MP4 format and the chat room text record your local computer under “Documents” > “ZOOM” by default. You may need to re-upload the file "zoom_0.mp4" to the Google drive or One Drive and share it to the students. To edit the recording, you may use the MP4 file and some available tools (e.g. videomaker) to edit it.

For the cloud mode (In the cloud), your recording will be automatically ready in ZOOM plugin. You can choose to publish it or not, but it only lasts for 120 days. You may also download the video for reference. To edit it, you have to download the video and edit it with available tools (e.g. videomaker).

You can log in your Zoom account through https://hkbu.zoom.us. Under the meeting tab, you will see the previous meetings. When you click on the Zoom ID, you will be able to download the participant list. Please note that deleting the recording of the meeting will not affect the participant record.

The chat room history is stored in “Cloud recordings” > “Files”.

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Share Screen

You can click "Share" during your meeting to share your screen with the students. To let your student share their screens, please enable this function for students by click the icon "Security" and check "Share Screen" for allowing participants to share their screen.

Please be reminded to turn on the “Share computer sound” function in order to play the audio to the students.

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Yes, the video is off by default but you can turn it on anytime. When you have interaction with students, it is recommended that you keep it on until the end of the teaching activity.

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Please do not login to the email system when you are using Zoom. Zoom will mistakenly identify your account being linked with your other Google account.

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