About CHTL

The CHTL works in partnership with academic colleagues to foster continuous quality learning and teaching at HKBU. It aims to reinforce the student-centred, whole-person and outcome-oriented ethos of learning and teaching in the University. The CHTL will leverage latest e-Learning technology with innovative pedagogies to advance good practice in teaching as well as co-curricular activities, thereby enhancing the existing holistic environment to be even more conducive to student learning.

  1. Enhancement of various elements of teaching and learning, including, but not limited to, the Outcomes-based Approach;
  2. Development and implementation of the University’s  eLearning strategy to enhance teaching and learning;
  3. Promotion of Whole Person Education; and
  4. Conduction of the Evidence Collection Initiative (ECI) to assist the University in evidence collection for Whole Person Education through the assessment of students’ attainment of the University’s Graduate Attributes.