Digital Cultural Heritage of HKBU’s School of Communication: An Inside-Out Engagement Approach to Community of Practice

In lieu of the 50th anniversary celebration of the School of Communication in 2018, a Community of Practice engagement project is proposed to provide current students the sensory, social and democratic experiences of COMM education through reconnecting alumni, faculty and staff in the past 50 years to understand and attain the graduate attributes in HKBU’s whole person education. “COMM2gether Through The Years” is the first digital archive project among communication schools in Asia Pacific about its own education history and cultural heritage. In collaboration with Library and CPRO, this CoP project aims to I) improve the existing mentoring system through the close connections with the COMM alumni; 2) enhance teaching and learning of the CoP members and students across three departments (i.e. COMS, JOUR and AF) via the e-community archive po1ial; and 3) enable COMM students to showcase and publish their works about the essential graduate attributes shared by alumni, faculty and staff.

Using an oral history and inside-out approach, over 15 faculty, 250 students and 300 alumni will participate in this CoP through class projects, digital archive portal, social media platforms, news program, exhibitions and media publicity. Such engaging ways to reconnect alumni and current students would allow students to observe the important HKBU graduate attributes which lead to career success. The CoP project also facilitates the future development of HKBU COMM as it strengthens its distinctive competitive advantage – a strong alumni network which gets on with the changing times of the industry.