Community of Practice on Whole-person Education in Medical Services

Abstract “大醫精誠” is a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) maxim depicting that TCM practitioners should not only have excellent professional knowledge and skills but also high morality and sincerity. This is by and large in line with our institutional Graduate Attributes (GAs). However, our current curriculum is inadequate to achieve these goals. Ample evidence shows that there are often dissonances and conflicts occurring within or outside campus which are obviously not in line with our educational missions. The current project endeavors to unite and reinforce our education efforts on TCM students by forming a Community of Practice (CoP) on whole-person education (WPE) for medical services. This CoP consists of colleagues from the School of Chinese Medicine as well as from other Departments with common concerns and enthusiasm. We will not only reinforce our current curricular subjects (namely Medical Ethics, Service Leadership in Action – Medical Services) and departmental Moral and Disciplinary Committee, but also introduce a series of co-curricular activities for a better and synchronized action in order to better achieve our institutional GAs in terms of (1) citizenship in particular for ethical reasoning, (2) creativity in particular critical thinking, (3) communication in particular for positive and constructive dialogue, and (4) teamwork for cooperative working. The achievements in these aspects will be evaluated by direct (course rubrics, activity journals, reports) as well as indirect measures (qualitative, i.e. interviews, and quantitative, i.e. questionnaires/surveys, minute papers etc.) and by different stakeholders and instruments. Since the CoP builds on and enforces our current courses and departmental committee, the two-year project will be self-sustaining and continued by CMTD after the CoP establishes the network and communication platforms. The experience gained in this project will be advocated and applied to other subjects, and perhaps shared among other departments and institutes. In the end, our TCM education will be more all-rounded and value-added, and our students will have a better service attitude and skills, ready to serve and contribute to the society in a more professional way.