Enhancing Student Learning through Holistic Mentoring Programme and Comprehensive Proficiency Test in Analytical Science


Hong Kong Baptist University has prided for her commitment in offering whole person education for the young generations of our community. To complement the regular student-centered course delivery in lecture room, most of the teachers are very concerned on how to nurture the academic growth and maturity of our students viaoutside classroom activities. This project calls for the perfectionof the existing mentoring system and with the intent to make it into a full-fledged academic advising system. Through the implementation of a variety of well planned activities, as aconcerted departmental effort (i.e. Chemistry), the life experience and caring attitude of the mentor can be used to inspire our mentees in fully developing their potential as independent learners and responsible citizens via the four year of university education at HKBU. Under the advice of the mentor, the in-depth subject knowledge, generic skills and team-work spirit of our students can be fostered through their participation in the annual“Video Production Competition”. The quality YouTube as the deliverables of this competition after uploading in public domain will serve as a tool to promote public sciences to our community. To offer students more opportunity in polishing their English oral presentation skills and teamwork, student members of the mentee groups are encouraged to participate the “FameLab”, an annual 3-min oral presentation competition on science topic organized by the British Council. The graduate attributes of our students can be further manifested by engaging them in the industrial Internship Programme. In the pilot run of this initiative, selected colleagues from the Biology and the Computing Studies Department are also involved. The rich learning outcomes of the chemistry major students in analytical chemistry benefited from the unique academic design can be assessed by “benchmarked” Proficiency Testscomprising multiple choice test questions which will be constructed from a purpose-built Test Bank fabricated by faculty members of the Chemistry Department.