Development of Teaching Portfolio Framework through a Multidisciplinary Community of Practice


This proposed project aims to build a multidisciplinary community of practice (CoP) within the Faculty of Social Sciences for the purpose of developing a teaching portfolio framework for documenting pedagogical evidences, reflecting on and sharing of good teaching and learning practices and appraising teaching performance. The CoP will consist of scholars from the seven different departments of the Faculty and a representative from the University Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning. The teaching portfolio framework will be implemented and reflected upon within the Faculty and could be further sustained through dissemination across other university faculties and schools. This project will provide a unique multidisciplinary forum for sharing and collaborative inquiry into and reflection upon a spectrum of pedagogies. By making use of the portfolio framework, teaching staff will be able to reflect on their teaching practices and routinely to improve their teaching and students will in turn benefit from improved pedagogies which will enhance their learning. The collaborative process of establishing a teaching portfolio framework will also contribute to the scholarship of teaching and learning of the university as a whole.