HKBU Graduate Attributes Ambassadors Scheme

What is it really like to be a student at HKBU? Why are the 7 Graduate Attributes (GAs) so important to students at HKBU? Have you ever wanted to show people in the HKBU community why the University is so great at Whole Person Education?

Here’s is an excellent way for you to demonstrate your all-rounded development at HKBU. The GAs Ambassadors Scheme is currently recruiting HKBU students to support and organize a wide range of events and activities to promote the 7 Graduate Attributes within and outside the HKBU community. Please contact us via email ( if you are interested to join.


  1. Helping to promote an awareness of the HKBU’s 7 GAs amongst HKBU students;
  2. Helping the HKBU community to actualize the HKBU’s 7 GAs;
  3. Helping to promote the HKBU’s 7 GAs to the outside community.

Intended Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the scheme, GAs Ambassadors should be able to:

  1. Confidently explain to members of the HKBU community and to stakeholders the importance of HKBU’s 7 Graduate Attributes;
  2. Coordinate and organize events effectively and efficiently;
  3. Recommend ideas for the betterment of HKBU’s GAs promotions;
  4. Develop a strong sense of belonging to the University and a conviction to serve the community.

Benefits for GAs Ambassadors:

  • Presidential recognition
  • Involvement with local community
  • Opportunities to develop various transferable/generic skills
  • Better opportunity for employment
  • Meeting lots of people and also have great fun

Events and activities:

  • Annual students’ Whole Person Week on campus
  • Monthly GAs events
  • Regular training workshops

Contact us: