Children as Consumers: Marketing to the youth

Instructor(s)Kara Chan, Tak Hoi WONG
Departments /OfficesDepartment of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
Course TypeInvite-only
Semester(s)AY2018/19 Semester 1, AY2019/20 Semester 1, AY2020/21 Semester 2, AY2021/22 Semester 2
First Start DateSeptember 2018
Commitment3 hours/week
Length4 weeks

Description :

Children and youth are becoming important targets for products, services, and innovations. This course provides an introduction to the environment and consumption values of the children and youth market, as well as the contents of popular media for them. We also cover visual research methodology as a way of understanding perceptions and behaviour of children and youth. We introduce ethical requirements and best practices when we conduct research that involves minors under the age of 18.

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