Organ Toxicology

Instructor(s) : Patrick Yue

Institution : Department of Biology, Hong Kong Baptist University

Provider : FutureLearn

Course Type : Invite-only

First Start Date : Mar 2018

Commitment : 6 hours/week

Length : 4 weeks

Language : English


Description :

Toxicology is a multidisciplinary topic which encompasses many biological subjects such as molecular biology, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology & medicine, and environmental & public health, etc. When exposed to toxic substances, the resulted toxicological effects can be determined by many factors such as the forms and toxicities of toxicants, dose of intake, ways of adsorption, difference in metabolism and genetic factors of individuals, etc. Common pathological changes of selected organs are set as our study focus over a four-week span. The cause and effect and toxicological mechanisms will also be discussed.

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