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Application Forms

Application forms for TDG are obtainable from the following links:

TDG Seed Funding – TDG 1 Application Form (for small-scale TDG projects)
TDG Application Form (for both usual and collaborative TDG projects)
CoPs Application Form


Funding Limit of Teaching Development Grants

4 categories of grants are available:

  1. TDG Seed Funding – TDG 1
    This grant is intended for small-scale, single-proposer teaching and learning projects. The funding ceiling is HK$50,000, and the maximum duration is 18 months with no extension request accepted.
  2. Staff-Initiated Development Projects
    This is the usual TDG grant supporting innovations, new ideas and experiments to enhance teaching and learning. The maximum funding set for each single-proposer proposal is HK$200,000.
  3. University and/or Departmental Collaborative Endeavours
    To enhance the impact and sustainability of the TDG projects, collaborative efforts and endeavours at both the University and Departmental levels are highly encouraged. TDG proposals that involve collaboration across Departments and Faculties will have a grant ceiling of HK$300,000.
  4. Communities of Practice (CoPs)
    The CoPs funding set for each proposal would range from HK$200,000 to HK$500,000, depending on the sustainability, size and impact of the proposal. A more detailed application form is available for applying for TDG to support a CoP.


Submission of Applications

Completed application forms should be submitted to the TDG Panel for vetting via the following ways:

  1. Use online submission platform; OR
  2. Send along the hardcopy of application to the following address;
    Dr Eva Wong
    Centre of Holistic Teaching and Learning
    AAB803, 8/F, Academic and Administration Building,
    No. 15 Baptist Rd, Baptist Rd Campus,
    Kowloon Tong


Criteria for Selection

Based around the order of funding priorities, selection of TDG proposals will be carried out according to the following criteria:

  • Intrinsic merit
  • Innovation
    • Developing new pedagogical or teaching approaches
    • New ideas regarding aims, objectives and/or methods of teaching and learning
  • Design
    • Appropriate project design with clear goals and specific activities/methodology
    • Clear/Feasible implementation plan
    • Involving student(s) as investigator(s) in the project
    • Engaging students to benefit their learning
    • Involving collaboration with colleague(s) outside the PI’s department
    • Appropriate budgeting
  • Project Outcomes and Evaluation
    • Evaluation mechanisms to ensure the project is effective in achieving the outcomes
    • Achievable and appropriate intended outcomes
    • Ongoing monitoring process included
  • Impact
    • Likely to improve teaching and/or learning for sizable numbers of teachers/students
    • Likely to continue as part of regular programme in future
    • Outcomes likely to apply in a wider context


Important Note: As a condition attached to TDG, all new TDG project investigators would be strongly encouraged to join the University’s assessment exercise.


New Guidelines on Budget Adjustments Made after the Approval of Proposals

  1. Project investigator(s) will NOT be allowed to change any budget items in the project unless with strong justifications once the proposal is approved;
  2. In case of any need(s) of adjusting the budget, project investigators should submit their application providing sound justifications, together with a revised proposal, highlighting the impact of the proposed change on the budget; and
  3. The following budget items are limited to a maximum change of 10%:
    • Staffing,
    • Conference expenses, and
    • Expenses relating to student participation in the project.


Proposed Budget Items

Please click HERE for a list of budget items not supported by the TDG Panel.