Submission of Final/ Progress Reports and Outcomes Dissemination

Submission of Final Reports

A final report is required for submission to the TDG Panel within three months after the completion of the project. The final report should generally include the following items:

  • Preamble (including the purpose of the report and its underlying philosophy, background or historical facts pertinent to the field of study)
  • Abstract (limited to 100 words)
  • Introduction (including aims and objectives)
  • Project design
  • Results/Findings (including student feedback on learning as a result of the project and how the project has been monitored for the enhancement of learning and teaching)
  • Discussion (its relevance, significance, and its implications for future pedagogic practice)
  • How the project has enhanced learning and teaching at HKBU, and the number of target students involved in the projectupdated
  • Project Outcomes and Evaluation (methods of collecting and assessing evidence, findings and implications, effectiveness/efficiency of the project in achieving the ILOs, impact of HKBU’s learning and teaching, dissemination/sharing of good practices or deliverables)
  • How the project articulates the learning outcomes of the Department/Faculty and the strategic goals of the University (if applicable)
  • How the project continues as part of regular programme (if applicable)
  • How outcomes of the project apply in a wider context
  • Limitations and Difficulties
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgements (if any)
  • Keywords
  • List of Equipment (if any, purchased with funds from the Teaching Development Grants)
  • Publication of Selected TDG Projects (please indicate if you would like / would not like to submit the final report of your report for review for publication purpose)
  • Statement of Account (with most updated account information, which can be obtained from the Finance Office)

The final report would be posted on-line in Acrobat PDF format for public access.
Previously-funded Principal Investigators who have final reports still outstanding will not be re-considered for application for funding of new projects.

Submission of Progress Reports (NEW)

For projects with a duration longer than 12 months, a progress report, together with an up-to-date financial statement, shall be submitted to the TDG Panel within 1 month after the first project year. The progress report should generally include the following items:

  • A brief summary of your project (up to 100 words)
  • Interim results/findings
  • A plan for completing the project (e.g. whether the tasks were completed accordingly to the project schedule, whether the project will be completed on time, etc.), and how to disseminate the project outcomes and conduct evaluation
  • An up-to-date financial statement (can be obtained from the Finance Office system)

The progress report would be posted on-line in Acrobat PDF format for public access.

Publication of Teaching Development Grants Projects

The University would compile a publication of TDG projects from time to time with a view to disseminating outcomes of TDG projects within and outside the University community. All Project Investigators would be invited to submit their final reports for review before publication.

Teaching Enhancement Activities

Principal and Co-Investigators of completed and on-going TDG supported projects will be invited to share their experiences in workshops/seminars organized by the CHTL. The aim of these sharing sessions is to provide opportunities for colleagues to share with each other their insights and strategies in obtaining the TDG. They can also showcase innovations to enhance learning and teaching as a result of carrying out their projects.

Final Reports of Completed Projects

Please click here for final reports of previous TDG projects.