Supporting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

To encourage professional development of academic/teaching colleagues, the University has set aside a funding to support the following two staff development initiatives:

  1. Presentation in teaching and learning conferences/workshops which could help disseminate outcomes of TDG and other teaching and learning projects outside HKBU
  2. Engagement of teaching and learning consultant(s) specifically for TDG projects

Each TDG project is allowed to apply funding for only one of the above initiatives. A maximum of HKD20,000 could be allocated per project (within this budget, multiple trips/consultants are allowed). The beneficiaries of this funding include but not limited to:

  • colleagues who had successfully completed their TDG projects (completed in the 2016-2019 triennium and thereafter);
  • project investigators of ongoing TDG projects; and
  • potential applicants for the TDG

All applicants are requested to complete a short application form. Priority will be given to project investigators of approved TDG projects. Potential TDG applicants can include their plan together with the following information in their proposals:

  • The type of staff development initiatives
  • Description, justifications and expected outcomes
  • Expected duration and budget
  • Supporting documents (including for example: a letter of acceptance, an abstract and programme of the conference/workshop)

The TDG Panel will consider the application for the staff development grant separately.

A requirement for receiving the staff development grant for conference/workshop attendance is that, successful applicants are requested to provide the TDG Panel with electronic copies of their presentation materials within three months after the conference/workshop. The TDG Panel may also invite them to share their presentations with other colleagues at HKBU. For project investigators of ongoing projects who use the fund to engage consultants, they are required to provide some brief information in their final reports about the outcomes of the engagement.

Applications for the staff development grant are accepted all year round, until the fund is exhausted.