Teaching Development Grants

(Last updated on 28 November 2019)


Important Notes

You must submit your proposal to the Human (non-clinical) Research Ethics Panel to obtain ethics/safety clearance in parallel while the TDG Panel is reviewing your application. The TDG Secretariat will confirm that you have obtained clearance from the said Panel after the review, please note that TDG cannot support any project without ethical clearance.

Depending on when your proposal will be finally approved, the actual start and completion dates of your project may differ from your proposed ones.



Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) initiated the Teaching Development Grants (TDG) scheme in the 1994–1995 academic year to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. The scheme was established with funding from internal sources and subsequently, it was augmented by funds received from the University Grants Committee (UGC). Funding priority and selection criteria are updated according to external developments as well as the strategic direction of the University for teaching and learning.

In light of the recent developments in higher education, and particularly the implementation of the outcomes-based approach (OBA) and the shift to the learning-centred paradigm, the TDG scheme at HKBU now aims to encourage adoption of innovative pedagogical approaches in teaching and learning. As a result, TDG proposals on enhanced pedagogies rather than content development are more likely to be supported.


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TDG Seed Funding – TDG 1 Application Form (for small-scale TDG projects)

TDG Application Form (for both usual and collaborative TDG projects)

CoPs Application Form



For any enquiries, please feel free to contact Dr Eva Wong (ext. 7242) of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning.