Results of UGC Funding for Theme-Based Projects on Teaching and Learning (2012-15 Triennium)


With a view to motivating institutions to accelerate the adoption of pedagogical changes and innovations in teaching, the University Grants Committee (UGC) has introduced a new funding scheme in 2014 with tripartite funding from the UGC, the Education Bureau and UGC-funded institutions. The funding scheme provides one-off funding to support worthwhile initiatives proposed by the UGC-funded institutions that could help meet the learning needs of the new generation of students of this information age and enhance students’ learning experience. The funding scheme encourages three types of initiatives for support on a competitive basis:

  • Theme-based Projects on Teaching and Learning
  • Collaborative Forums
  • Professional Development on Teaching and Learning

Overview of the Results of HKBU’s Applications

The funding scheme received a total of 54 proposals in the first round and a total of 17 proposals have been approved. In view of the overwhelming response from institutions and the good quality of the proposals, the UGC invited resubmission of selected proposals from the first round for further consideration and 6 proposals have been approved in the second round.

As a whole, HKBU colleagues are involved in 14 out of the 23 approved projects (~60% of the total share), of which 3 projects are led by HKBU. HKBU’s portion of funding for the HKBU-led projects amounts to HK$9.21M which is two third of the total funding amount (HK$13.49M) received by HKBU in this funding scheme.

No. of proposals selected from 1st round for resubmission 8 6
No. of proposals approved 6 5
Success rate ~75% ~83%

No. of proposals received/ submitted 54 19
No. of proposals approved 17 9
Success rate ~31% ~47%

Projects that are led by HKBU



Round Project Title Lead Coordinating Person at HKBU No. of Institutions Total Project Cost (HKD) HKBU’s Portion (HKD)
2nd Nurturing Global Environmental Leadership

HKBU Dr Jill CHIU (BIOL) 5 $ 3,982,770 $ 1,102,770
(This is an Inter-institutional Proposal led by HKBU, with CityU, CUHK and HKU as local collaborators and Baylor University as overseas collaborator in the Project Team.)


Despite that environmental issues are typically multi-facet by nature, environmental education programs currently being offered by the local tertiary institutions are predominately mono-disciplinary with primary emphasis on classroom learning. Our Project Team, which encompasses 12 world renowned environmental, anthropology and cultural experts from four local sister institutions and a partner institution from the United States, here propose a brand new inter-institutional program. Our vision is to use a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating science, socio-economic and cultural dimensions, coupled with a diverse suite of teaching and learning activities (e.g. guided self-learning, experiential and service learning, role-play and brainstorming exercises and public engagement) to nurture students as global environmental leaders to meet with the challenges presented to Hong Kong and the region in coming decades. The proposed program will enable our students to progressively acquire the multi-disciplinary skill-sets, consider and tackle environmental problems from different perspectives, acquire a global perspective and hands-on experience on real-world environmental problems, and develop their own ideas and effectively communicate them to stakeholders and the general public. We envision that this project will not only set a precedent model of shared common education program among local institutions, but also help us to position Hong Kong as a leader in multi-disciplinary environmental education in China and the region.

1st A Resource Centre for Ubiquitous Learning and Pedagogy
HKBU Prof Christopher KEYES (MUS) 2 $ 5,241,000 $ 3,974,000
1st Reinforcing the Importance of Academic Integrity and Ethics in Students through Blended Learning – A Deployment of Augmented Reality Applications
(Winner of Silver Award of the Asia Regional Award, Wharton-QS Stars Reimagine Education Awards 2015)
HKBU Dr Eva WONG (CHTL) 4 $ 7,985,880 $ 4,139,600

Projects that are led by other institutions



Round Project Title Lead Coordinating Person at HKBU No. of Institutions Total Project Cost (HKD) HKBU’s Portion (HKD)
2nd A Joint E-learning/MOOC platform for Hong Kong’s Tertiary Education Sector HKUST Dr William CHEUNG (COMP) 5 $ 10,005,000 $ 450,000
2nd Collaborative Learning through Immersion Project (CLIP) CityU Dr Christy CHEUNG (FDS) 4 $ 13,950,000 $ 1,000,000
2nd Developing, Assessing and Providing Direct Evidence of Student Learning in Generic Skills in the Context of Engineering Higher Education in Hong Kong HKU Dr Theresa KWONG (CHTL) 6 $ 4,992,555 $ 265,000
2nd Enhancing Information Literacy in Hong Kong Higher Education through the Development and Implementation of Shared Interactive Multimedia Courseware PolyU Mr Paul LEE (LIB) 8 $ 6,197,000 $ 476,787
1st Knowledge and Education Exchange Platform (KEEP) CUHK Prof Sandy LI (EDUC) 7 $ 15,000,000 $ 300,000
1st Developing and Evaluating a Learning Analytics Platform to Support University Teachers for Pedagogical Decision-making in Fostering Reflective Engagement of Students HKIEd Dr Eva WONG (CHTL) 4 $ 7,536,623 $ 756,767
1st The Blended and Online Learning Project: Collaborative Professional Development for Capacity Building in Blended and Online Learning and Teaching in HK
(Shortlisted infor the Reimagine Education Hybrid Learning Award 2018 )

PolyU Dr Theresa KWONG (CHTL) 5 $ 8,826,211 $ 1,027,715

Proposals Led by Other Institutions – HKBU as a Participating Institution without Matching Fund Request



Round Project Title Lead Coordinating Person at HKBU No. of Institutions Total Project Cost (HKD) HKBU’s Portion (HKD)
1st Institutional Policy and Practice of Student Intellectual Property Management in Hong Kong Higher Education (CF)* CityU Dr Alfred TAN (KTO) 3 $ 274,300 in kind
1st Self-tutoring e-Platform – STeP HKUST Prof TANG Lei Han (PHYS) 6 $3,951,490 in kind
1st The Geospatial Education Forum (GEF): Resolving the challenges of the New Geospatial Curriculum (PD)* PolyU Prof ZHOU Qiming (GEOG) 4 $ 1,050,500 in kind
1st To Serve, To Share, To Teach, To Learn: A Collaborative Forum on Service Learning (CF)* PolyU Dr Cinnie NG (SA) 8 $ 573,000 in kind

* Unless specified, all are theme-based projects; CF = Collaborative Forums
PD = Professional Development on Teaching and Learning

For other details of all approved projects, please visit the UGC website (