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List of Small Private Online Course (SPOC)

Teaching University Students

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL)

ay201718s1, ay201718s2, ay201819s1, ay201819s1, ay201920s1, ay201920s2, ay202021s1, ay202021s2, ay202122s1, ay202122s2

Journey to Science: Introductory Chemistry

Department of Chemistry (CHEM)

ay201718s1, ay201819s1, ay201920s1

“Healthy Cities”: A Telecollaborative Project on Integrated Language Learning & Social Awareness

Department of Government and International Studies (GIS)

ay201718s2, ay201819s1, ay201819s2, ay201920s1

Singing Education in Childhood

Department of Music (MUS)

ay201718s2, ay202021s2

Organ Toxicology

Department of Biology (BIOL)

ay201718s2, ay201819s2, ay201920s2, ay202021s2, ay202122s2

Exploring the World: the Fascination of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry (CHEM)

ay201819s1, ay201920s1

Data Visualization for Effective Communication

Department of Computer Science (COMP)

ay201819s1, ay201920s1, ay202021s1, ay202122s1

Improving Mental Health for University Success

Department of Social Work (SOWK)

ay201819s1, ay201819s2, ay201920s1, ay201920s2, ay202021s1, ay202021s2

Children as consumers: Marketing to the youth

Department of Communication Studies (COMS)

ay201819s1, ay201920s1, ay202021s2, ay202122s2

Data Journalism: Turning dreary numbers into interactive news stories

Department of Journalism (JOUR)

ay201819s1, ay202122s1

Teaching and Learning with Information and Communication Technology

Department of Education Studies (EDUC)


Writing Your Ways to Academic and Professional Success: a Course on Personal Statements and Cover Letters

Language Centre (LC)

ay201920s1, ay201920s2, ay202122s1

Storytelling Techniques in the digital era: techniques and effects

Department of Journalism (JOUR)

ay201920s2, ay202021s1

Basic Practical Skills in Analytical Sciences

Department of Chemistry (CHEM)

ay202021s1, ay202021s2, ay202122s1, ay202122s2

Audience measurement and engagement

Department of Communication Studies (COMS)


Food and Carcinogenesis

Department of Biology (BIOL)

Upskilling for Workplace English and Chinese

School of Continuing Education (SCE)

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Other Course(s)

Academic Integrity and Ethics – A Deployment of Augmented Reality Applications

Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL)

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