Over the past twenty years technological advances have disrupted many established industries, creating new professions, new academic fields, and new measures of workplace competency. At the same time, concern has been raised as to the impact of technological disruption on higher educational institutions, especially within large parts of Asia. While many institutions have developed innovative and creative means to leverage the use of technology for education, questions remain as to how best to adapt to technological disruption while maintaining a core institutional identity that focuses on the holistic development of students. The need for strategic approaches to technology integration in higher education is an urgent one.


Co-presented by the United Board and Hong Kong Baptist University, this two and a half day conference will explore current trends and disruptions impacting higher education in Asia – and the innovative ways in which colleges and universities leverage technological advances for the promotion of whole person education.  Featuring keynote presentations by Google and leaders in Asian higher education, this unique conference will provide an opportunity to hear directly from those at the forefront of innovation, as well from pivotal higher education leaders and technology pioneers within Asia. The Conference will be conducted in English.


The conference on Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning for Whole Person Education: Opportunities and Challenges in Asia aims to accomplish three primary goals:

  • To highlight the creative ways in which Asian colleges & universities leverage resources to increase accessibility to education across communities.
  • To showcase methods through which colleges & universities use technology as a means of promoting whole person education.
  • To create a forum for the sharing of innovation, best practices and solutions with peers from around Asia and globally.