There are six concurrent sessions for thematic presentations in the two-and-a half day conference. Each presentation is limited to 15 minutes. Proposals for presentation are now called for.


Areas of focus:

  • Faculty Development, Re-training & Pedagogy
  • Campus Automation & Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Skills Training, Whole Person Education & Technology
  • MOOC Design, Implementation, Integration (Curriculum Alignment) & Platforming
  • Student Assessment & Student Services Automation
  • Learner Management System Integration
  • Innovation in Pedagogy for Community Outreach & Social Engagement
  • Funding for Technology-Assisted Teaching and Learning & Resource Development


Proposals must provide:

  1. a concise summary of the project and its goals and objectives;
  2. a brief description of how the project is relevant to the college, university, or educational context from which one comes; and
  3. a brief description of the ways the project will address whole person education.


Special consideration will be given to projects of innovation and creativity.