Speaker – Dr. Christianna SINGH

Dr. Christianna SINGH
Lady Doak College, India

Educational Technology & Whole Person Education: Bridging the Distance between Theory and Curriculum

Lady Doak College (LDC), established in 1948, is a premier Christian liberal arts and science college, and the first women’s college in Madurai, India. Since its founding, LDC has blossomed into a student body of 4,361 and offers 24 undergraduate, 15 postgraduate and 9 M.Phil. programmes. Nearly 50% of LDC’s enrolled students are first generation learners and the college works to ensure that students from marginalised socio-economic backgrounds form a sizeable part of the student community.

In recent times, LDC has encountered challenges in developing the ability of faculty to effectively integrate new capabilities into their teaching methods, particularly in the area of technology-assisted teaching and learning. Initial infrastructural investments in technology were largely underutilized and concerns regarding the validity of remote learning & internet-based resources; as well as qualms over the ability of students to remain focused while having access to the internet for learning purposes, threatened to halt the development of technology-enabled education at the college.

Dr. Singh will discuss how through the strategic training of faculty; planned implementation of self-directed learning and assessment methods for students; and the inclusion of technology-enabled learning in extension activities, LDC has developed an implementation strategy for technology-assisted teaching and learning that highlights technology’s use as a resource, to be used in balance with pedagogy and other resources.

Dr. Christianna Singh is Principal of Lady Doak College (India) and a strong proponent of the use of teaching and learning with technology within higher education. Dr. Singh completed her doctoral degree in Economics at Madurai Kamaraj University, with specialization in Gender Economics, as well as a post-graduate diploma in Computer Applications at Madurai Kamaraj University. Dr. Singh is also a former United Board Scholar and has also undergone Advanced Leadership Training at the Haggai Institute, USA (Hawaii).