HKBU HEA Fellowship Scheme
Introduction of HEA

The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is part of the Advance HE, which is a UK-based organisation that works with higher education across the world. The goals of Advance HE include the promotion of teaching excellence, commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning and providing support for teaching faculty, teaching staff and teaching support staff with international recognition of their practice, impact and leadership in the higher education.

The Advance HE awards the following 4 categories of Fellowship based on the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF), a globally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within the higher education teaching and learning. 

  • Associate Fellowship
  • Fellowship
  • Senior Fellowship
  • Principal Fellowship

Applicants can claim these Fellowships on basis of evidence of personal professional practice which meets the requirements of the relevant Descriptors of the UKPSF.

In deciding which category of Fellowship to apply for at this stage in your career, you might need to determine which of the UKPSF Descriptors is most appropriate to your practice and professional practice. For details, please visit

HKBU HEA Fellowship Scheme

HKBU, as a Strategic Member of Advance HE, supports colleagues in claiming these Fellowship awards through the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning (CHTL). 

Advance HE Member 2023-24 and Teaching and Learning Accreditation Advance HE Member 2023-24 and Teaching and Learning Accreditation

The HKBU HEA Fellowship Scheme (“the Scheme”) has been officially accredited by Advance HE in August 2022.  The Scheme supports colleagues in the application of three categories of HEA Fellowship, namely

  • Associate Fellowship
  • Fellowship
  • Senior Fellowship

(Colleagues who wish to apply for Principal Fellowship can consider direct application to Advance HE).

Below is the application journey in claiming Fellowship Awards under the Scheme:

Semester 1 Intake
Semester 2 Intake

HEA Fellowship Introductory Workshop (“the Workshop”)



Submission of Intention to Participate (“ITP”)

One week after workshop

One week after workshop

Completion of Fellowship Programme Workshops



2 months to complete Fellowship Application

November to January

June to August

Application Submission to HKBU CHTL

End of January

End of August

To participate in the Scheme, you will first have to attend the Workshop.  At the end of the Workshop, you shall be invited to submit an Intention to Participate (“ITP”) to the HKBU HEA Fellowship Scheme Core Group, which will be copied to your Department Head.  You will then be invited to attend the Fellowship Programme Workshops offered by CHTL. 

In the Fellowship Programme Workshops, you will learn in greater depth how to engage with the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF), generate evidence from your professional practice in alignment with the relevant Descriptor of UKPSF, and enhance your teaching through research and scholarship of teaching and learning.

With your completion of the Fellowship Programme Workshops, you will be given 2 months to submit your application to CHTL. Throughout your journey, a mentor will be assigned to you  in planning, reviewing and submission of your fellowship application. Mentors in the Scheme are holders of at least one category of HEA Fellowship and who have undergone training on mentorship.


For any enquiries, please feel free to contact Dr Theresa Kwong (ext. 8083) or Dr Roger Fung (ext. 8084) of the Centre for Holistic Teaching and Learning.