The UGC established the Fund for Innovative Technology-in-Education (FITE) in late June 2023 to support UGC-funded universities to harness innovative and breakthrough technology in transforming pedagogies and enriching student learning experiences. FITE initiatives should fall under the four key themes:

  1. Driving transformation in pedagogies, curriculum, assessment and student development;
  2. Advancing digital competency for all;
  3. Promoting technological social responsibilities and academic integrity; and
  4. Fostering academia-industry collaboration for authentic learning experience.


A list of FITE initiatives funded at HKBU is summarised as follows:

Project Title
Principal Investigator

1. Teaching Teachers Tech-in-Edu: Continuous Professional Development Ambitions for Advancing Pedagogies, Curriculum, Assessment, and Student Development

Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)

2. AI-Powered Language Learning: Developing a Comprehensive Course for Mastering Text Analysis and Improving Academic Writing Skills

Dr Simon Wang (LC)

3. Future-proofing Business Education: A Proposal for AI Integration with Blended Learning

Mr Ryan Man (BUS)

4. To Conduct Programme-wide Upgrade and Redesign of Existing (Selected) Courses within SCA

Professor Johnny Poon (SCA)

5. Incorporating Emerging Technologies to Healthcare Education: Using Public Health and Family as A Pilot

Dr Chan Kam Wa (CMTR)

6. HKBUniverse: An AI-enabled Metaverse Platform for Virtual Teaching and Learning at HKBU

Professor William Cheung (COMP) & Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)

7. Implementing Innovative Technology in Conference Interpreting and Performance-based Language Education

Dr Zhao Nan (TIIS)

8. Promoting AI and Data Analytics for Health and Social Innovation

Dr Zuneera Umair (COMP)

9. Critical and Analytical Thinking, Ethical Considerations, and Social Implications in the Era of Generative Artificial Intelligence: Capacity Building for Social Sciences Students and Beyond

Professor Sandy Li (SOSC)

10. Intelligent Communication: Cloud and AI Solutions for NGOs

Dr Wang Dan (COMM)

11. University-industry Collaboration in Teaching and Co-curricular Activities Focusing on Real-world Application of Technologies

Professor Johnny Poon (SCA)

Project Title
Principal Investigator at HKBU
Lead University

1. Developing University Instructors' Subject-discipline Specific Professional Generative AI Competence

Dr Benjamin Moorhouse (EDUC)


2. Digital Ethics And Responsibilities (DEAR) Campaign for Higher Education and Beyond

Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)


3. Enhancing Leaning in Engineering Courses via ChatGPT-enabled Learning Tools

Professor Xu Jianliang (COMP)


4. Generative AI for Teaching and Education (GATE)

Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)


5. Inter-institutional Collaboration in the Evaluation of Using Educational Technologies in Service Learning Programmes at Hong Kong Universities

Dr Lisa Lam (CISL)


6. Project INSPIRE (Innovative SEN Peer-support through Intelligent Resources and Education)

Professor Byron Choi (COMP)


7. Utilizing Digital Gamification to Promote Academic Integrity and the Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in a Virtual Space

Dr Kimmy Cheng (CHTL)


8. Developing AI literacy and Future-Ready Competencies through Industry-Academia Partnerships

Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)


9. Embracing Metaverse into Marine Education

Dr Chan Wai Yee (BIOL)


10. Beyond Reality: Unleashing Generative Metaverse Avatars in Education

Dr Paolo Mengoni (IMD)


11. Exemplary Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practices in UGC-funded Institutions in the Age of GenAI

Dr Theresa Kwong (CHTL)