Results of the previous Triennium (2012-15 Triennium)


In view of the overwhelming support to the Funding Scheme in the last triennium, the UGC launches another round of the Scheme in the 2016-19 triennium. The objective of the Funding Scheme is to incentivise universities in exploring and developing further in the sector-wide strategic areas of teaching and learning, language enhancement and internationalisation. The funding scheme encourages four types of strategic themes for support on a competitive basis:

  • Innovation
  • Enhancement of student learning experience
  • Enhancement of internationalisation and engagement with Mainland China
  • Language enhancement
Overview of HKBU’s Results
UGC funding overview UGC funding overview

In July 2016, the UGC announced the call for inter-institutional teaching and learning proposals. In response to it, our colleagues participated in 47 proposals, including 10 led by HKBU in December 2016.

Altogether, UGC received 89 proposals and decided to support 38 for a total HK$255.74 million. Of the 38 successful projects, our colleagues lead in five (5) and join twenty-one (21) projects led by other institutions (~55% success rate). The total funding we received is $42.32 million (16.6% of total funding).


No. of proposals received/ submitted



No. of proposals approved



Success rate



HKBU as lead institution
Project Title
Coordinating Person at HKBU
Total Project Cost (HKD)
HKBU’s Portion (HKD)

Coding, Design, and Global Involvement: Engaging Students in Multi-domain Active Learning Through the Creation of Mobile Apps and an Apps Resource Centre (ARC)

Prof. Christopher Keyes (MUS)

$ 14,148,000

$ 8,272,000

Developing Multidisciplinary and Multicultural Competences through Gamification and Challenge-based Collaborative Learning

Dr. Eva Wong (CHTL)

$ 8,697,140

$ 4,798,780

Enhancing Orthopedics Curriculums in Chinese Medicine Education by Bringing Theory to Practice

Dr. Tu Feng (SCM)

$ 3,400,000

$ 1,800,000

Standardizing Clinical Education Assessment of Chinese Medicine through the Internationalization of a Practicum Internship Program

Prof. Li Min (SCM)

$ 4,240,000

$ 2,120,000

A Telecollaborative Project on Integrated Language Learning and Social Awareness (ILLSA)

Dr. Tushar Chaudhuri (GIS),
Ms. Angela Ng (LC)

$ 4,999,614

$ 2,787,308

HKBU as partner institution
Project Title
Coordinating Person at HKBU
Total Project Cost (HKD)
HKBU’s Portion (HKD)

Led by CityU

Meeting the Challenge of Teaching and Learning Language in the University: Enhancing Linguistic Competence and Performance in English and Chinese

Dr. Pan Jun (ENG)

$ 3,398,646

$ 171,250

Enhancing University Students’ Well-being and Positive Learning Experiences – Application of Positive Education

Dr. Sharon Leung (SOWK)

$  5,703,000

$ 756,000

Led by CUHK

Effective Implementation of the Flipped Classroom Approach in Hong Kong Higher Education for Enhanced Learning Outcomes

Dr. Theresa Kwong (CHTL)

$ 10,000,000

$ 1,250,000

Blended Approach for Social Work Learning: A Reflection-based and User-oriented Pedagogical Model

Prof. Victor Wong (SOWK)

$ 5,260,000

$ 300,000

Led by EdUHK

Special Educational Needs Empowerment Project for Pre-service Teachers

Dr. Ann Lui (EDUC)

$ 5,689,600

$ 1,803,800

Students as Teaching Partners: Developing Pedagogical Materials and Activities in Chinese Storytelling and Writing with Community Engagement under ‘Student Network Group’ Framework (with a Digital Archive of Chinese Narratives Open to the Public)

Mr. Sunny Mak (LC)

$ 1,204,786

$ 281,462

Led by HKU

Internationalising Teaching and Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education through Building Professional Capacity


$ 3,600,000

$ 1,100,000

Driving Cultural and Educational Shift: Providing Support, Activities and Professional Development in the Pedagogy, Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning in Holistic Competencies

Dr. Theresa Kwong (CHTL)

$  8,947,836

$ 1,841,000

A Student-Tutor Writing Consultation Programme and Inter-institutional Writing Consultation Support System

Dr. Cissy Li (LC)

$ 3,467,930

$ 876,000

Strengthening the Alignment of Residential Education and University’s Educational Aims

Dr. Kevin Yue (SCM)

$  4,233,335

$ 800,000

Capitalizing on Hong Kong’s Position in the Art World: An Innovative Platform for Objects Based Science and Arts Learning with a World Class Collaborative Incubator for Future Educational Teaching Resources

Dr. Sarah Ng (AVA)

$ 3,314,000

$ 608,000

Led by PolyU

Cross-institutional Capacity Building for Service-Learning in Hong Kong Higher Education Institutions

Dr. Kevin Yue (SCM)

$ 14,920,000

$ 4,200,000

Enriching Senior Year Places Students’ Learning Experience through Curricular and Co-curricular Activities in Hong Kong’s Universities

Mr. Peter Benz, Mr. Alex Tam (AVA), Prof. Stuart Christie (ENG), Dr. K S So (AR)

$ 14,999,340

$ 1,703,260

Language Enhancement for Capstone Projects Using Interactive Apps

Ms. Angela Ng, Ms. Vicky Man (LC)

$ 7,870,000

$ 800,000

Fostering the Integration of Local and Non-local Students via the Enhancement of Internationalisation and Engagement with Mainland China


$ 4,000,000

$ 600,000

Augmenting Physical Learning Spaces with Location-based Services Using iBeacon Technology for Engaging Learning Experiences

Prof. Kwan Kai Man ,Dr. Benedict Chan, Prof. Lo Ping Cheung (REL)

$ 12,321,533

$ 1,211,000

Enhancing Learning Outcomes for Students through a Data-driven Review of the 4-year Curriculum in UGC Funded Programs

Dr. Theresa Kwong (CHTL)

$ 6,955,000

$ 1,738,750

Developing Active Learning Pedagogies and Mobile Applications in STEM University Education

Prof. Christopher Keyes (MUS)

$ 15,000,000

$ 500,000

Transforming Internship for Transformative Learning and Reciprocal Knowledge Transfer between University and Workplace

Dr. Lucia Fung (MGNT)

$  9,700,000

$ 2,000,000

HKBU as partner institution (in kind)
Project Title
Lead Institution

KEEP Learning for Life: Knowledge & Education Exchange Platform 2.0


Applying Virtual Reality Technology for Building Students’ Risk Awareness and Knowledge of Environmental Hazards