Induction Programme 2023

HKBU is renowned for its dedication in providing excellent and holistic education experience for students. Being the top strategic priority of providing “Best Student Experience” in our Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028 (, Best Student Experience is given top priority, re-emphasising our focus on Whole Person Education.

This Induction Programme is specifically designed for new academic and teaching staff members joining HKBU. The primary objective of the Programme is to help new colleagues get familiar with the learning and teaching environment and culture of HKBU.

Intended Learning Outcomes

At the end of the Induction Programme, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe pertinent aspects of the learning and teaching culture at HKBU;
  2. Recognise the characteristics of HKBU students that relate to their learning and deploy appropriate motivational techniques to help students learn more effectively;
  3. Identify the resources (including pedagogical approaches, assessment methods and policies, and eTools) available at HKBU and deploy appropriate ones for the enhancement of teaching and learning.

Completion of the Induction Programme (IP) is mandatory for new academic/teaching colleagues up to the rank of Assistant Professor. The Programme is highly recommended to other new colleagues as well, as it will give an overview of the teaching and learning culture and the pedagogies commonly adopted at HKBU. The following workshops will be scheduled for August 2023:

*Mandatory workshop and online course for new academic/teaching colleagues up to the rank of Assistant Professor

Online Initiatives Available for New Academic and Teaching Staff
  • "Outcome-based Teaching and Learning @HKBU" Online Course (4 hours)* (via KEEP Edx)
    To better equip new teaching colleagues with the teaching pedagogies adopted at the University, this 4-hour online course covers appropriate teaching theories, the OBTL approach and CRA etc. Colleagues can go through the learning content of this online course anytime and anywhere.
    (Please click here for the self-enrollment guide.)

  • Induction Online Quiz (2 hours) (via HKBU Moodle)
    To enhance teachers’ knowledge and understanding of our University’s Institutional Strategic Plan 2018-2028 (ISP) as well as other T&L policies, this online quiz takes you through a series of questions designed to enhance your familiarity with the ISP and your ability to design learning and assessment activities based around T&L policies.

  • TIE-Staff (Trail of Integrity and Ethics for Staff) in Google Earth (Optional)
    • TIE-Staff Briefing PPT (via HKBU Moodle)
      including the instructions on using AR Trails App and Google Earth.

    • TIE-Staff in Google Earth

    • For New Staff Members (who are eligible for the Faculty Development Day 2023):
      Please use your SSOid (both for username and password) to log in to AR Trails.

      For Current Staff:
      Please reach out to us for an AR Trails account.

      If you encounter any other issues related to TIE-Staff, please feel free to contact us at We are here to provide assistance and support.
Faculty Development Day 2023
Date & Time: 

30 August 2023 (Wednesday), 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


TriAngle (DLB306, David C Lam Building, Shaw Campus)

To explore various Academic Support Units at HKBU for the purpose of improving teaching and learning, and to gather valuable insights from experienced teachers. New academic and teaching staff are expected to participate in the one-day Faculty Development Day, which offers valuable resources, networking opportunities and the chance to cultivate a positive teaching and learning environment while promoting professional growth.

Schedule of Faculty Development Day 2023:

10:00 am – 12:00 nn

Overview Session on Teaching, Learning and Assessment

12:00 nn – 1:30 pm

Poster Session with Lunch Gathering

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Rotational Table Discussion