• Entry #39

    The idea in this proposal is to help students and staff at HKBU to easily remember the 7 Graduate Attributes. For the English version, we use CULTURE to represent the 7 GAs because it has long been a culture at HKBU to provide Whole Person Education which is now exemplified into 7 GAs. We want …

  • Entry #42

    My design approach is to integrate the seven attributes in a doggerel so that people can easily remember not just the attribute keywords but have a full context of how these seven attributes are interconnected with each others. Most importantly, our new vision on whole person education can be fully realized if students can put …

  • Entry #36

    Responsible Citizens Articulate Communicators Independent Learners Noetic Practitioners Broad-skilled Persons Open-minded Thinkers Wholesome Team-players

  • Entry #35

    My proposal is very simple and easy to remember. Using the given formula, WPE@HKBU=7GAs, I have mapped each of the 7 alphabets in “WPE@HKBU” to an attribute of a whole person at Hong Kong Baptist University. These mappings are unique, informative and easy to remember!