• Entry #14

    Checking the calendar is what we do everyday. Combining the 7 aspects of the whole person with the calendar can certainly make them easy to remember.

  • Entry #45

    圖檔︰BU標誌是運用代表浸大畢業生的七個特質的英文詞彙所組成的,它們分別為 “Citizenship” 、“Communication” 、 “Learning” 、“Knowledge” 、“Skills”、“Critical Thinking”及“Teamwork”。把BU標誌擬人化,讓其戴著畢業帽,有浸大畢業生的意思。 PDF︰設計了一系列的文具,設計包含浸大畢業生的七個特質在其中。

  • Entry #03

    My idea is to use 7 posters to represent the 7 HKBU Graduate Attributes(GA). Each poster includes a quote and some description related to the GA which the poster represents.   Pros – Posters are easy to reproduce and distribute – Posters do not require a very large space – Posters can cover a lot …

  • Entry #43

    The worksheet will be useful in two ways.  Firstly, first-year students can brainstorm potential challenges that they will encounter in the course of their academic and social experiences at Hong Kong Baptist University and then determine which graduate attributes can be applied to creating practical and reasonable solutions.  This activity, carried out in small or …