• Entry #36

    Responsible Citizens Articulate Communicators Independent Learners Noetic Practitioners Broad-skilled Persons Open-minded Thinkers Wholesome Team-players

  • Entry #35

    My proposal is very simple and easy to remember. Using the given formula, WPE@HKBU=7GAs, I have mapped each of the 7 alphabets in “WPE@HKBU” to an attribute of a whole person at Hong Kong Baptist University. These mappings are unique, informative and easy to remember!

  • Entry #37

    Responsible Citizen 責任心,道德情

  • Entry #43

    The worksheet will be useful in two ways.  Firstly, first-year students can brainstorm potential challenges that they will encounter in the course of their academic and social experiences at Hong Kong Baptist University and then determine which graduate attributes can be applied to creating practical and reasonable solutions.  This activity, carried out in small or …